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Taking Care of Your Horses Hooves

Horse supplies are important items to have to care for your horse. One thing you need to remember with taking care of your horse is hoof care. When you are a horse owner you need to take care of horse’s hooves daily.

It is extremely important to keep proper care of your horse’s hooves. Consider your horse’s hooves like you would your own toenails. When your nails grow you want to trim them, and the same holds true for your horse. However, breaking their hoof is a lot worse for a horse than it would be for you.

Horseshoes are also used to protect the hooves. They protect the hooves so there is less chance of a hoof cracking, breaking off, or being uneven. All of these issues can cause your horse to eventually go lame if left unattended.

Talk to your veterinarian and ask if they have any recommendations for you. They will know what your horse’s hooves look like, and will be able to tell you the kind of horse supplies that are needed to take care of them. Horses are more necessary for certain types of horses.

For example, there are shoes that are made specifically for equestrian sports. Sports, such as racing or jumping, will require a lot of traction. A horseshoe gives the horse the best option for hoof health and traction.

A horse does have the option of going barefoot, however. This option is best for horses that don’t have any special needs. They also should have healthy hooves that don’t grow too long or have any signs of deformities.

The hooves have to be trimmed every 6 weeks, regardless of whether the horse has a horseshoe or not. Horse hooves also need to be cleaned daily. All rocks or debris needs to be taken out of the hoof to prevent injury.

It is important to have the right horse supplies for your animal. Hoof care should be a top priority. Preventing breakage in your horse’s hooves is a good measure to have.